covid-19 GUIDANCE & safety procedures to ensure a safe dojang environment.

We want the Dojang to be as safe as it possibly can for our members. By all of us following this guidance we hope to achieve that. We have produced this Risk Assessment to help our club comply with the current government guidelines. As they change so will this page so please keep checking for updates. 

The responsibility for a safe environment is shared between the instructor and the members. Members must make their own risk assessment when it comes to the decision to train. Anyone should symptoms related to Covid 19, or those whom have been in contact with someone who has had Covid 19, or suspected of having the virus, must follow government guidelines on isolation and timescales.


Health Conditions

1. students are advised not to attend if they show, or have been in contact with anyone showing, covid 19 symptoms.

2. Any students/parents/instructors, must not enter the dojang with cough or cold symptoms.

Lesson times

1. lessons will have a 15 minute gap to ensure students can leave safely and the next lesson can start safely. we advise all students to leave the dojang within 5 minutes of finishing so we can clean and welcome the next group. 

2. Students can only arrive 5 minutes before their lesson starts and parents must be on time to collect children and wait outside with 2m social distancing measures in place.


1. there will be a one way system in place fOR parents and students. please enter by the entrance near the toilet facilities and leave via the opposite door. a higher grade will show you the exit.

2.parents/carers must drop their child off inside the dojang ensuring they respect the 2m social distancing rule with other parents and children.

3. once inside a child's belongings must be placed all together in the designated area and the child must go straight to their allocated area on the dojang floor. parents can then leave. 

4. on collection Parents/carers must wait outside for their child. instructors will bring the child and their belongings to the main entrance. can all parents ensure they are there 5 minutes early to collect.


1. all students need to come to the lessons already in their freshly washed taekwondo uniform. It is advised to wear a tracksuit over the dobok so it doesn't become dirty.

2. students must leave their dobok on until they leave the premises. again a tracksuit is recommended to wear over the top of the white uniform.

cleaning and sanitation

1. on arrival and departure there will be hand sanitation for anyone that enters and leaves the dojang.

2. doors, where possible, will remain open, so door handles and the like, will be limited. 

3. instructors will thoroughly clean the toilet area, the contact points and all equipment before and after use.

4. students are all encouraged to bring their own water waters as the kitchen facilities will be off limits to all. 

toilet facilities

1. we are urging students and parents to use toilet facilities in their own home before training.

2. if students/parents do need to use the toilet facilities then we will be using a one in one out policy with the disabled toilet in the venue only. students should not access the main toilets.

3. users should wash their hands thoroughly after using these facilities. hand sanitiser will also be available.

class bookings & PRE-payment

1. classes will be restricted in numbers to allow social distancing to take place. this means that classes during the summer will need to be be pre booked to ensure the rent is paid and the club survives. we are asking that students book their place for the full month and if they can't attend they let their instructor know so that their place can be given to others.

click here for a full list of classes available over the summer.


2. students can no longer pay for their lessons on the night and must pay in advance. please contact your instructor for more details on this. 

parents & spectators

1. parents/carers must respect the 2m social distancing rule with other parents and children at all times.

2. parents/carers are no longer allowed to sit and wait for their children. this must be done outside the venue. please ensure the instructor has an uptodate emergency contact telephone number.

actual training methods 

1. students will train physcially apart at all times in conjunction with current government guidelines. (except if they are members of the same household).

2. students will face forward and stand side by side. if they do face each other then they will be in conjunction with the distance set out by government gidelines. (except if they are members of the same household)




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