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Martial Art Philosophy

I love the quote below. It should sum up your martial arts journey very nicely. Life is all about change. You and everyone and everything around you are changing constantly. It is a process that some people try and fight. You cannot fight it, if you want to be happy you must flow with it and rightly so. For with change brings energy, freshness, new experiences and opportunities and you should embrace these things with open arms.

Your martial arts journey is also about change. A physical, mental and spiritual one. As a human being we should constantly try to be better than we were before. We must learn to behave differently, think differently, exercise differently and push our limits. This is the only way to learn new things. Adapt and change. This is how we can practise martial arts for a lifetime and still be a student at the end of our life.

Everyday we can learn something, everyday we can be a better person, everyday we are different to what we were yesterday and trust me that is a good thing. Enjoy learning about yourself through your martial arts. A good Instructor will guide you.

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