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Chung Do Kwan is the oldest Taekwondo club in the world and was officially formed in 1944 by Grand Master Lee, Won Kuk (April 13th 1907 – February 2nd 2003). The name Chung Do literally translates to ‘The Way of the Blue Wave’, Kwan translates to simply, club. According to sources Master Lee came up with the name whilst sitting on a beach watching the ocean.


The name symbolises calmness and control until disturbed at which time destructive power is unleashed. The word DO (probably the most important in Taekwondo) means “the correct way” both in teachings and life. Hence TAEKWONDO means “the correct way of the foot and the first.”


Chung Do Kwan students were originally known for their excellent discipline as well as excellent technique. These qualities are what we strive for today in our clubs. To produce excellent martial artists who are educated and understand the martial arts in the way of the ancients.


Today we are extremely humbled to be under the guidance of Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, an original Chung Do Kwan member. We follow his guidance carefully and because of this are lucky to have an extremely high standard club.


Our club, Chungdokwan Taekwondo, is honoured to be part of the Mudo Academy of GB, which is part of the World Taekwonmudo Academy (WTA). Grand Master Kim Yong Ho set up the WTA in 1997 to preserve true martial art values and to create real Taekwondo masters who in turn would teach real martial art. He saw the dangers that Taekwondo being in the Olympic Games could bring and the dilution of traditional practise as many clubs turned to kicking pads and the sports side. 

We teach Master Kim's ethos of healthy living, exercise, practising humility, honesty, perserverance, spirit, compassion, and learning how to be a better person. All of these things can be found on your martial arts journey and we look forward to helping you discover them about yourself. 

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