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Dojang Etiquette




The Importance of Dojang Etiquette


Dojang Etiquette is the foundation of our martial art. Without rules, manners and respect everything will crumble around us. It is extremely important that you show respect both inside and outside the Dojang in order to be respected yourself. It should be our aim as a martial artist to be respectable in all aspects of life. The only way for this to happen is to treat people with the same manners and etiquette as you would wish to be treated. Below is some basic etiquette that you should adhere to at all times both inside and outside the Dojang. Practise ALL of them regardless of age and grade:


Bowing Etiquette:

  • Always greet your Instructor with a bow.

  • Always bow when entering and leaving the Dojang.

  • Always bow to higher grades upon greeting and when they help you.

  • Bow sincerely with feet together and eyes down. Approx 45 degrees.


Instructor Etiquette:

  • Bow to your Instructor when greeting them or saying goodbye/thank you.

  • Always address your Instructor with their title as a sign of respect.

  • When your Instructor enters the Dojang the highest grade in the class must bring everyone to attention and bow. The same must be done if the Instructor leaves the lesson early.

  • Never let your Instructor carry anything or open doors. If opening a door, they must enter before you.

  • Try and help your Instructor at all times. Offer your help regularly.

  • Never debate the cost of payment.

  • Never let your Instructor chase you for money or information.

  • Listen carefully to your Instructor and never back chat or talk over them.

  • Never hand your instructor money, it should be handed over in a sealed envelope, as a sign of respect.

  • Never ask your Instructor to grade, they will let you know when you are ready. Always trust their judgement.

  • Always thank your Instructor after a big event in your martial art journey. You should buy your Instructor a present after Dan Grading to thank them for their input. Without your Instructor you would be nothing.

  • Always inform your Instructor if you are going to be absent from a lesson or event. Every single time and tell them why.



General Etiquette:

  • Treat everyone in the club with respect and help each other.

  • Make lower grades feel welcome and help them integrate easily.

  • When dressing your dobok always turn your back to smarten up.

  • Never be greedy for information, practise what you already know.

  • Students, regardless of age, must never leave the Dojang floor without your Instructors permission.

  • Food, drink and chewing gum is not permitted on the Dojang floor.

  • The Taekwondo dobok must always be worn smartly with the belt. Your hands and feet must be clean at all times.

  • Your dobok should be as plain as possible with the exception of your club badge.

  • Never poke fun at a higher grade or laugh at their expense.

  • Never disrespect or bad mouth your Instructor or club to others.

  • Be loyal to your club and most of all your Instructor as they are to you. Loyalty and trust are priceless and cannot be bought in this lifetime. You must appreciate this bond forever. You are forever in their debt.

  • Always look out and care for grades lower than you.

  • Be considerate and show respect to your peers, seniors and elders.

  • Always be early to training. If for whatever reason you are late you must stand by the door until your Instructor gives you permission to enter. You do not disrupt the lesson.

  • Never train with another club/instructor without permission from your Instructor. Training with another club is disloyal. In the martial arts you only have one instructor and one true Master and you must follow their way.

  • Be kind and considerate towards everyone and everything.

  • Be humble whatever you achieve. Remember your roots and help others achieve greater than yourself.

  • Remember at all times that as long as you train you are representing your club and Instructor both inside and outside the Dojang. Your behaviour outside the Dojang and even online should mirror that which your Instructor teaches.

  • Be graceful in defeat and humble in victory.

  • Take EVERY opportunity to learn. Every seminar/lesson missed is knowledge that is lost forever.

  • Always use your position for spreading good deeds not negative ones.

  • No jewellery including wedding rings are permitted to be worn during training.

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