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Chung Do Kwan expects all of its members to abide by the following rules of conduct:


  • Treat your instructor and fellow students with respect at all times.

  • Abide by the rules of your Instructor and Dojang.

  • Treat everyone the same regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, cultural background and religion.

  • Be considerable to others and work together as a club.

  • Remember that outside the Dojang you are representing your club and instructor at all times.

  • Be on time for training sessions, meetings and competitions.

  • Always be humble and think of others before yourself. In competition – win with humility, lose with dignity.

  • Thank your Instructor after the lesson for passing on their knowledge.

  • Always let your Instructor know when you are not going to be able to attend training for whatever reason.

  • Never ridicule anyone, even in jest.

  • Try and support your club by attending as many seminars and competitions as possible.


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