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Practising Martial Arts definitely improves your health, physically and mentally. A lot of older people have the misconception of it being a young person's pastime. However martial arts is something we can all enjoy.

This class is purely designed for adults and older people who simply want to give martial arts a try and learn about our breathing techniques, health benefits, self defence and meditation whilst getting a light sweat on and working those muscles.

Every single person who joins this class apologies in advance for being too unfit, too unflexible, too overweight, too uncoordinated! I simply say give yourself a few months to notice the difference in yourself and don't apologise for starting martial arts. You are going to surprise yourself with the change you see. There are no fitness requirements at all to start. Simply turning up is the hardest part.

I guarantee it will change your life and once you are here you will love it.

We train every Friday morning at The Hub in Barnard Castle, 9.30am - 10.30am. Book your FREE taster session today.

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