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Chung Do Kwan expects all of its Instructors, student members, volunteers, carer and parents to abide by the following rules of conduct:


  1. Treat everyone equally and respectfully regardless of age, gender, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation.

  2. Be a role model and set excellent standards of respect for others to follow.

  3. Never ridicule anyone for making a mistake or losing.

  4. Do not use foul, inappropriate, sexist or racist language.

  5. Show respect to everyone at all times.

  6. Remember hard work is more important than victory. Win with humility and lose with dignity.

  7. Be fair to all and follow the rules of the Dojang.

  8. Arrive for training and special events in good time to prepare thoroughly.

  9. Never argue with your Instructor or higher grades.

  10. Inform your Instructor of an injury as soon as possible.

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