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How To Find A Good Martial Art Club

There are ridiculous amounts of martial art clubs out there so how do you know if they are any good? In my opinion a club that has the following will have a vast amount of knowledge and be on the right path. Never be afraid to ask questions when looking for a club. The more seniors they have the more knowledge they will have.

A healthy club needs the following to be strong and grow:-

A GRAND MASTER - This is your Master's Master. They are the source of all your knowledge and wisdom if taught correctly.

A MASTER & CHIEF INSTRUCTOR - to lead the way and keep everyone on the right path. The path of Do". They work tirelessly to educate those beneath them for no other reason except love of martial arts. Nothing else should motivate them.

OLDER SENIOR DAN GRADES - They work with the Chief instructor to instill and pass on their wisdom to the students.

INSTRUCTORS - to teach their Master's way and work hard generating students.

taekwondo master

BLACK BELTS - the energy and youth. They share the workload and help their instructor teach and grow.

KUP GRADES - The future of the club.

Without the seniors the club will have no wisdom. Without the kup grades the club will have no future. Without a Master you have no guide.

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