LOYALTY and its importance in the martial arts.

LOYALTY. A very important aspect in any relationship but especially in the martial arts between a student and their instructor. Trust and true loyalty take years to build and loyalty towards an instructor is easy when things make sense and you are getting what you want out of your training. True loyalty is tested when maybe you don't understand your instructors decision or you get a better offer elsewhere. True loyalty is when you get no personal gain from a decision made but support it anyway. You base your decision on your values and not your own ambition. Loyalty is a two way street. A good instructor would do anything for their students and good students should always trust their instruc

Yin and Yang Energy and Breathing Control

Martial arts students are exactly that, students. You must learn to think for yourself, to constantly strive to become the best you can be and to continue your journey through education. Studying martial arts is basically the study of life and learning how to become mentally strong enough to deal with it. Life and all it offers is something that most people don’t actually study! At school you learn maths, science, needlework, everything but how to deal with your emotions and control your thoughts. To understand your complex thought process and your feelings allows you to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings. Empathy and compassion towards others are vital if you want to be content

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