Achieving Front Splits in Taekwondo

ALWAYS REMEMBER: To get the best results at stretching your body needs to be warm, so firstly get the blood pumping by going for a light run, jogging or skipping beforehand. This gets your blood circulating and more oxygen to the muscles. After this you need to lightly stretch and get your muscles prepared for more strenuous work. You should NEVER go straight into the splits without any warm up or stretching exercises. Then you are ready to begin. 1. To start, go into a shoulder-width apart forward stance and then put your back knee on the floor along with the top of the back foot. Your hips are now square (keep them that way) and in the right position to start. Imagine railway tracks with o

A True Taekwondo Master

One major problem we have in modern martial arts is the lack of True Masters and that is something that our club is dedicated towards changing. Today there is the highest number of Taekwondo Masters worldwide ever. Nowadays holding a 5th or 6th Dan black belt is quite common place amongst Taekwondo clubs. In a world built on money it can be easy to achieve your so called "Master" grade and at a very young age as well. I have know students as young as 12 achieve this title. Firstly let me define what a traditional Taekwondo Master was many years ago; Your Taekwondo Master was your moral compass, they were there to guide you, not only on your martial arts journey but also in life if any proble

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