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No one can predict what is going to happen in the future. No one can predict what will happen in your life. Nothing is certain. Therefore, you must take responsibility for your own life. Judge for yourself and make decisions for yourself. People who wait are merely failing to make the important decisions, or are waiting for someone else to make the choice for them. You will never be happy this way. Take control of your life and make your decision based on what you feel is right. This way you will have no regrets. Endless opportunities and chances are open to anyone. Martial Art training helps you to come to the right decisions in your life. The training helps to improve and encourage willpow

Learning Weapons in Martial Arts

Before picking up a weapon in any martial art it's important that you have a really good concept of stepping, technique, body posture, breathing, focus and control. In our club only black belts are allowed to start practicing for this reason alone. Think of the weapon as an extension of your arm. Instead of the focus being in your fist or foot, the focus is shifted to the end of the weapon. Keep the point of the sword as still as possible by breathing to the end of your technique. Breathing control is the key. With excellent breathing, movement and technique you can learn how to perfect any weapon. Keep practising.

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