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Master Etiquette

In martial arts your Master is everything. They are the source of all your knowledge and they are there to help not only learn Taekwondo but also help you through life when you need them. A Master is also a student themselves so this etiquette we are going to explain applies to them when they interact with their Master.

Showing respect to your Master is true martial art and speaks volumes about how much about martial art you know.

Here are some rules of etiquette when interacting with your Master. There are many others.

respect your taekwondo master

1. Always bow when you greet them or say goodbye.

2. Always offer help to carry their bags.

3. Always hold doors and be polite at all times.

4. Never interrupt them and listen carefully.

5. Always call them by their title 'Master' as a sign of respect.

6. Never openly criticise your Master.

7. Take every opportunity to train with your Master to learn.

8. Always support their seminars, events and competitions.

9. Always volunteer your help wherever it's needed.

10. Always allow them to start eating first or through a doorway first.

Remember how you treat them shows everyone how much you know about martial art.

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