5 ways practising Martial Arts can completely change your life.

Here are 5 ways in which practising a martial art with an excellent instructor can completely change your life. 1: FIND YOUR INNER CONFIDENCE - Having confidence is not an age thing. I know plenty of adults who have no confidence in themselves whatsoever and I know plenty of young people that do. Confidence comes from believing in yourself and your decisions and having a strong unbreakable spirit. We get this through our physical training. All the things you can't do, you learn that through hard work and determination, that one day you can. All the grades, the competitions, the tests that your instructor may put you through, when you think I can't do it, you realise you can. You realise you

One Step Sparring - Why it's important and tips to improve.

The definition of one step sparring is a counterattack against an oncoming attack. In most cases, especially at beginner level, this is a step through punch. However as you become more experienced one step sparring can take many forms, including defending against kicks and other strikes. Why practise one step sparring? Some martial artists say it's not a realistic exercise to spend time on as who attacks someone and leaves their arm out whilst they have the free choice of counters? Time and space are a luxury in martial arts and one step sparring is not particularly realistic of an attack from someone outside. So why practise? As an instructor this is why I teach and spend time on one-step s

The secret powers of Energy (Ki)

The Koreans call energy 'Ki', the Chinese 'Chi' or 'Qi'. It doesn't really matter how you spell it it's the importance of it that counts. In Western society I think it's fair to say we are not as attuned to energy as our Eastern neighbours. Martial arts opens your eyes to a whole new world of health, meridian lines, vital spots, energy control and breathing. Because energy is something you cannot see, a lot of people don't believe in it or it's powers. More fool them. Every single being and object on the planet is made of energy. You yourself are a mass of energy. By using the energy all around us we can use it to make ourselves feel more energised or to make others feel more energised. From

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