The Wu De Code: Martial Art Code of Conduct

Wu De is simply defined as “martial ethics”, or “martial morality” or “martial virtue”, and as its name suggest, is the idea of ethics and morality in the practice of martial arts. The code teaches how to become an upstanding and moral person. It's how we interactive with others, how we represent ourselves and what we stand for. It's bascially how we can all strengthen our moral character through martial arts. As a human being we have so many qualities that can constantly be improved. It is impossible for a human being to excel at them all naturally, so we have to discover them and work on them to become better people. Here are some qualities the code makes us analyse and improve: Acceptance

How martial arts can be compared to a tree.

In this day and age many Taekwondo Instructors decide to go it alone and open up their own association. The increasing number of barely qualified instructors opening up clubs with no Master of their own to guide them is quite alarming. The decision to go it alone more than likely stems from an inflated ego or the wish to make more money and have more power. What this tends to do however is dilute martial arts massively and goes against many Taekwondo tenets, loyalty, respect and humility. To explain the correct way to think of martial arts I'm going to use a tree as an example. The most important part of any tree is the roots, without roots the tree will not survive. From a martial art point

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