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Explanation of Ki (energy) in Martial Art Training

taekwondo master

Through modern science we learn that every element of this universe we inhabit is in motion, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest planet. This motion is fueled by a constant, unceasing energy. Science has no defined name for it. In Asia, since ancient times, this energy has been known as Ki.

Ki, is a universal energy. If flows through all things. Since Ki is present in all things, we, as participants in this energy, have the ability to tap into it consciously, through prescribed methods.

Ki is not the energy of an individual person, that is, personal strength. Ki can, however, be isolated and put to use by an individual.

Ki is not like a muscle which, through physical activity, can be developed and strengthened. Development of your ability to utilise Ki comes through refining your mental clarity and your understanding of the way this universal energy intermingles with your body.

Ki cannot be harnessed. This is no savings account in the human body for Ki. Though Ki cannot be captured, it can be consciously received, focused, and isolated, thereby bringing it into the realm of personal usage when the physical or mental need arises.

The undisciplined use of Ki can be demonstrated by the people who remarkable lift away heavy objects when they have fallen on a loved one or do acts of extreme strength. Through the practise of defined Ki development exercises, you, too, can learn how to harness this energy, which is in abundant supply throughout the universe, and channel it into yourself to be used in times of need.

Ki was first described in a text created in China in the third century BC called The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Nei Ching). It was the first document to describe how Ki energy enters, flows through, and then exits the human body. From China this knowledge was passed on to the Korean peninsula in approximately 200B.C. Once the principles of Ki had been absorbed into the Korean understanding of body and mind, the Hwa Rang (Flowering Youth) warriors of the Korean peninsula were the first to redefine Ki and use it as a way to enhance physical and mental power, thus making the science of Ki uniquely Korean.

Over the past several centuries, the practise of Ki has been utilised mostly by acupuncturists, acupressurists, and martial artists. Through daily training you too can develop your Ki energy and improve your health.

As martial artists we use this Ki to balance our internal energy and keep us healthy. We can also use that energy to put into techniques and therefore achieve a tremendous amount of power.

Development of Ki is developed through abdominal breathing exercises. See other articles in our blog to find out how to start practising.

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