How To Pronounce Taekwondo correctly!

Most people pronounce Taekwondo incorrectly which drives the humble martial artist insane! Let's get this right and correct the rest of the World! Even Olympians, representing our beautiful martial art on a worldwide stage can't pronounce it. Most people say the first syllable as TIE when in actual fact it's pronounced TAY. Tie indicates that Taekwondo originates from Thailand as opposed to South Korea. If you want conclusive evidence of how to pronounce our martial art listen to any Korean Taekwondo Master and see how they say it. I guarantee it won't be like the majority of practitioners. TAY (TAE) KWON DO NOT TIE KWON DO

Coming up with engaging Taekwondo lessons for kids.

Teaching young children is totally different to teaching older students and adults. Put basically children need energetic short lessons and it needs to be fun learning. SHORT BURSTS: Teaching children basic Taekwondo can only be done in small bursts of about 2-3 minutes. Once you have done something that needs a lot of concentration immediately let their mind relax by the next exercise being fun. i.e pad kicking. You can then go back to what you were teaching. You can easily tell if children are engaged as they look at you and want to learn. If you begin to lose their concentration then immediately change the exercise. Children who are engaged will learn, those who aren't, won't. Lessons sho

Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Korean Blog - Oct 2017

In October 2017 our team of 14 traveled to South Korea to stay for 6 nights in a Buddhist Temple and 3 nights in Seoul. The purpose was an International Instructors Course. It was the most amazing experience of our lives. Here's our story. DAY 1 After a 48 hour journey with next to no sleep, we spent the morning exploring ancient tombs and a beautiful lotus garden, which included giant floral statues and a 'water wheel' which definitely tested our ability to balance😆 at 6:30pm we are now getting ready for 2 hours of training before a well-needed sleep! Staying in a stunning Buddhist temple for the next 5 nights is a fantastic and unique experience, and everyone has already tried some new an

Your Journey to Taekwondo Black Belt

The road to black belt is a change physically but more importantly a change in the way you think. The constant strive to be kinder, more considerate, humbler, stronger and more compassionate, are traits you can always work on and always improve. The day you stop training physically is the day you stop improving mentally. #neverquit #taekwondoforlife #martialartphilosophy#learneveryday #strivetobebetter

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