Tips & Advice on What Makes A Good Martial Art Instructor.

“The aim of an Instructor is get the maximum potential out of every single student they teach and to produce better students than themselves.” WHAT IS AN INSTRUCTOR? A good instructor is there to encourage and guide you, pass on their knowledge and help you progress correctly in the martial art. They are there to correct your mistakes, encourage you when you are down, humble you when you have forgotten the tenet humility and ask for nothing in return. Being an Instructor is extremely difficult but one of the most worthwhile things you will ever do. It is very easy in Taekwondo to intentionally or unintentionally abuse your position. What you need to acknowledge immediately is that whatever y

Why is it important to show respect on social media?

Social media, the platform that gives us all a voice and an opinion that most of us give whether it's wanted or not! Keyboard warriors are everywhere, hiding behind our screens and typing comments we would never in a million years say to people's faces. Some of our comments are hurtful, disrespectful and derogatory to others. As a martial artist we should not change our character just because we are behind a computer screen. We should still aim to be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone. Thinking about our actions and words are crucial in bettering ourselves. So please think before you type. Here are some ways we can do this. 1. Respect the fact everyone can have a different opinion

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