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10 reasons why parents should do martial arts with their kids.

In my club the majority of adults start training because their children want to try and they want to do it with them. Here are 10 reasons why all parents should join in exercising with their kids and take up martial arts.

1: It lets you spend quality time with your child/ren. Something you can look back on and smile. That competition you all did together. That grading you all got through. Make memories.

2: It gets you fit and frees up your time. We all know the hectic schedule that parents have. Dropping kids off, picking them up then rushing off somewhere else. With practising together you don't have to do that, you can simply turn up and get fit as a family. Most of the time parents wait for their children anyway so you may as well all be learning in the Dojang and sweating together!

3: It gives you common ground. It's sometimes difficult for parents to connect to what their child is interested in, especially during those teenage years! However if you all practise martial arts you always have something to talk about and to practise together.

4: It instills mutual respect. Children learn how to respect their parents and parents learn how to respect their children and see them grow.

5: You all motivate each other. There may be some days when one of you, for whatever reason, doesn't want to go training. Those are the days you have someone by your side to motivate you to go and get off your bum! You always feel better afterwards.

6: You progress together. Martial arts are one of the few interests you can do altogether. You don't need separate classes. Progressing makes you feel happy and good.

7: You grow having the same outlook on life. All martial artists think the same. They are humble, hard working, kind and thoughtful. Having this same outlook means you are more likely to understand where the other people is coming from in a disagreement so you can resolve them quicker.

8: It's a great way to get rid of stress. Maybe tension is mounting at home. Training can help you get rid of anger in a healthy way.

9: Exercise becomes an integral part of family life so you are all healthier.

10: You always have someone to practise with at home and hold that pad or go through some moves!

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