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Why Ki Calling (KIHAP) is crucial in your martial art training.

taekwondo karate girl shouting

Ki translates to ENERGY so the word K-iHap, meaning to shout when you strike a target, basically translates to energy shout. You are delivering your energy to the target. it's not designed to scare your opponent, it's purely to help you. It is sometimes underrated hugely in training. Here is why you need to practise it.

The reason why it's so important in your general training is that believe it or not your Ki Hap is designed to improve your mental state of mind. It needs to be practised, the same way you would practise a front snap kick. With time and effort it builds confidence in your technique, and when you are confident in your own abilities it leads you to become confident in decision making.

Your Ki Hap is a reflection of your inner self. If you hit a target half heartedly, you may do a half hearted shout. If you don't Ki Hap at all, it may mean you are not putting any effort in. By Ki Calling you are focusing not only your physical technique but your mental state of mind. You are giving 100% concentration onto hitting the target to the best of your ability.

Most people are not natural fighters so can you teach someone that fighting "indomitable" spirit? Yes! Your spirit is internal, it's your inner belief in yourself not to give up. This is something that the martial arts teaches us and is much more important than kicking or punching. Our spirit, our Ki Hap is key.

In any martial art we are training for that one time when we may get attacked. If we can't find our spirit on such occassions we will be beaten before an attack has been launched. Finding your spirit, tapping into your spirit and knowing how to use your spirit helps us massively.

Your Ki Hap should be short and sharp to pinpoint your energy and focus. It should also come from low in your abdomen. It is not a particular word you shout and everyone's is different. But practise it and don't feel intimidated to shout. Shy students, adult adults and especially teenage students often feel embarrassed to shout. This is either a lack of confidence or no understanding of how important the Ki Hap is in martial arts and a sign they need to learn a lot more. Practise, practise, practise and watch the change in yourself both physically and mentally. Let it transform you.

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