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Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Korean Blog - Oct 2017

In October 2017 our team of 14 traveled to South Korea to stay for 6 nights in a Buddhist Temple and 3 nights in Seoul. The purpose was an International Instructors Course. It was the most amazing experience of our lives. Here's our story.

black belts Korea Buddhist temple


After a 48 hour journey with next to no sleep, we spent the morning exploring ancient tombs and a beautiful lotus garden, which included giant floral statues and a 'water wheel' which definitely tested our ability to balance😆 at 6:30pm we are now getting ready for 2 hours of training before a well-needed sleep! Staying in a stunning Buddhist temple for the next 5 nights is a fantastic and unique experience, and everyone has already tried some new and unfamiliar foods - we now know what a persimmon is, for example! #korea2017 #blog #Taekwondo #kimchi

buddhist temple korea taekwondo


It was an early start for Master Ron, Master Sandra, Master Phil and Sue as they woke up at 4:30am to join in on a meditation ceremony with the Buddhist Monks. After a 6:30am breakfast we then spent 4 hours training with Master Chon and Master Cho, learning many new hapkido techniques as well as expanding on old ones. Then we practised 2 hours of kicking and sparring technique with a young Korean team which was fantastic. After training we got the opportunity to visit Baekje Historical Museum, a wonderful insight into traditional Korean life with stunning buildings and views as a bonus. After dinner it is back to meditation and the rest of the evening is so far a surprise! @ Chungcheongnam-do


Was very sunny and warm, and marked the arrival of Master Yu, an energy Master who has been working his magic on any injuries within the group (especially Sue!). We were then taught traditional Korean painting by a Master painter and a Professor. Then we travelled up a mountain to visit the tombs of the temple, along with a view of the entire valley which was worth the climb. After lunch was martial art training with Grand Master Kim Yong Ho. As always, we gained so much knowledge to bring back and pass on to the rest of the club😁 tonight we also took part in meditation and were given a demonstration in gummudo (sword technique) by Master Stefan, ready to begin learning gummudo ourselves later on in the trip. We were also given a secret mission by Master Ron, which involved the boys reluctantly taking part and Max getting booted off X factor style. More details tomorrow as we are moving on! #korea2017 #Taekwondo #buddhisttemple #Taekwondo

korea taekwondo temple buddhist

DAY 4 & 5

This morning, we were first taught gummudo (training with the sword) by Master Kim Sang Tae and Master Ron. Then after lunch, we had the opportunity to watch a traditional Korean tea ceremony, which was beautiful. However the Korean 'cake' that came with the ceremony was more like a bush tucker trial🤢🤢🤢 After the tea ceremony, we left Buyeo and moved to Jinduk Temple, a beautiful remote temple further into the mountains. This temple also takes in older and infirm/disabled people, which was so humbling and heartwarming to see. It was also nice to have some different food for a change! The next morning in the temple Master Katey, Master Sandra, Emma, Sara, Leah, Sue, Vicky, Jessie and Master Phil took part in a 4:30am meditation ceremony in which we were able to praise Buddha with the monks. Then after breakfast and a walk around the grounds of the temple, we went on to the most amazing nature park, which was set in the mountains and almost finished after 30 years of construction. We hiked around the park with a tour guide who showed us the stunning mountain views and told us about the religious visions and miracles that led to it's design. After that we were driven to Guemsan, or 'ginseng town', known for producing ginseng that Korea is famous for. Tonight we returned to our temple in Buyeo and our Wi-Fi!!! We can't begin to describe how wonderful and humbled we are by having this experience, money could not buy this. #korea2017 #welovekorea #buddhisttemple #beautiful #onceinalifetime

korean traditional dress

korean traditional dress


For many of us it was an early start as we were up at 4:30am to take part in the Buddhist ceremony. After the ceremony and breakfast, we had a 3.5 hour technical lesson with Master Kim Yong Ho and another one of his students from Korea (Master Kim). As usual, we gained so much knowledge to pass on to everyone at home. In the afternoon, we took a trip to the west coast and walked along multiple beaches that were home to thousands of baby crabs! We also got a chance to watch as Master Yu was getting energy from the setting sun. Now, we are preparing for another training session, with Master Kim Sang Tae, practising Gummudo before our last night in the temple. We don't want to leave 😥😥 #korea2017 #lastnight #buddhisttemple #training


Last night was our last training session and the end of the Instructors Course. Master Kim presented us all with certificates. Katey and Sandra also performed an acoustic version of Amazing Grace for Master Kim's birthday. Minds and eardrums were blown 😀😂 We can honestly say that the training we have received and the hospitality shown to us has been extraordinary. This morning we left the temple and the monks and even the Grand Master at the age of 95 came out to wish us farewell which was very humbling. I won't lie when I said a few of us had tears in our eyes when we drove away. Amazing people and an amazing inspiring place. After breakfast this morning we arrived at Incheon, the third largest city in South Korea. Not only was our hotel lovely but we found a bed!!!! We never thought we'd be so grateful for a mattress after sleeping on the floor for 6 nights! Not only that but we went out with Master Kim for a beautiful Korean BBQ where we had charcoal in the middle of the table and cooked the meat ourselves. It was the quietest meal ever as everyone tucked in after a week of vegetarian food! We were then taken sightseeing by Master Cho and Master Jihyun Kim, they showed us a spectacular Korean war memorial and a beautiful park in the middle of the city. Definitely a change of scenery compared to the tranquil setting of the temple. Tomorrow is another sightseeing day as we head into Seoul centre. #korea2017 #byetemplehellocity #brightlights #sightseeing

black belts taekwondo


Sara's 18th!!! After waking Sara with presents and cake we travelled by bus into Seoul with Master Kim Jihyun to meet Master Kim. We visited the Kukkiwon in the morning, before heading on the metro for some traditional bulgogi food. The subway was an experience for us country bumpkins and Master Kim made an excellent tour guide. We visited the spectacular palace in the centre of Seoul where everyone was wearing traditional Korean hanboks. We then ventured back on the subway and after a few errors made it back to the hotel for a we'll deserved pizza. Master Kim's hospitality has been second to none and for the whole two days we have paid for nothing. Hopefully we can repay the kindness the next time he visits us in England. One more day to go. Rumour on the street is that a theme park is in order for the kids tomorrow 😀 #korea2017 #seoul #busybees

energy master sun is energy


After saying goodbye to Master Kim this morning, the younger members of the team (accompanied by some adults) travelled with Master Cho to a nearby theme park. The park included a zoo with tigers, pandas, money's ect as well as many thrilling rides. Sara, Max, Dan and Leah went on the biggest and steepest ride which had an almost 90° drop! It was very scary but we had great fun. After spending the day at the park, we came back to the hotel to rest and pack up ready for our travels back home tomorrow. We will need our beauty sleep! The senior grades accompanied Master Kim into Seoul to meet an expert in reflexology and listen to a lecture. We would like to thank Master Kim for his amazing hospitality and generosity over the last ten days. He has been incredible, we have hardly spent a penny since we landed. Hopefully we can extend this attitude and generosity when he visits us next year. We fly at 11am in the morning back to Heathrow. See you all soon! Blog over and out! #korea2017 #seoul #masterkim #amazingtrip

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