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Excellent Martial Arts Advice and Knowledge.

No one can predict what is going to happen in the future. No one can predict what will happen in your life. Nothing is certain. Therefore, you must take responsibility for your own life. Judge for yourself and make decisions for yourself. People who wait are merely failing to make the important decisions, or are waiting for someone else to make the choice for them. You will never be happy this way. Take control of your life and make your decision based on what you feel is right. This way you will have no regrets.

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Endless opportunities and chances are open to anyone. Martial Art training helps you to come to the right decisions in your life. The training helps to improve and encourage willpower and self discipline. Through training you learn to live through adversity and hardship. You learn to train the body and mind and achieve a strong spirit.

There is a principle which I consider important in life: - Penny-wise pound foolish. It means incurring a great loss by pursing a small profit.

Important elements which you will find are developed by practising the Martial Art are Etiquette and Virtue. Etiquette is to be courteous and carefully respect teachers and elders. It is also to be extremely moral and learn and do what is right. Virtue is to work on self-control, morality and make preparations for the five constant virtues:

* Kind-hearted / Compassionate to people, animals and the planet.

* Righteous: the right way. Having a strong moral compass.

* Knowledgable, having insight and the ability to help ourselves and others.

*Sincerity / Trust. The ability to trust yourself and decisions.

Through the continued training your mind and character can be set on a course which enables you to live a life with dignity. It is easy to learn morality but another thing completely to live your life morally. It is something every martial artist should strive for everyday.

Choosing an Instructor If you choose a correct, strict instructor you will get a competent student. A student should consider morality important when training.

Teaching and being trained makes us obtain righteous regulation. For instance, a correct instructor will ensure that the formation of the fist is correct otherwise, what a student may learn about movement, delivery, breath control etc. will be meaningless if the formation of the weapon is not correct, in this case the fist.

When moving your feet, lower your body to obtain a stable posture.

When moving back you make your posture higher in order to move speedily.

Practise with broad steps so that using small steps in a real situation is easier.

Practise steadily so that your forward and defence motions are free and smooth.

Become proficient with both hands and both feet.

You will improve muscle and bone condition through training.

You will improve your spirit through breathing exercises.

Breathing -inhaling is life, exhaling is death. The normal breathing cycle is 14 to 15 breathes per minute.

After 30 minutes of exercise you will breath 55 to 60 times per minute.

After 15 minutes rest you should return to 14-15 times per minute.

If you practise Martial Art for over 5 years you can obtain hypo-gastric breathing skills, which results in being able to breath once in one minute or even once in 2-3 minutes.

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Practise It is more advantageous to perfect one technique by thorough training than to practise many to a low standard. Practise one technique with patience and ensure that you have all the aspects and elements covered in great detail.

A true student should try to live righteously and with virtue.

Practise with self-control and cherish a sense of shame.

Don't think that time is always waiting for you.

Decide now for yourself.

The one who has confidence isn't afraid.

Take action believing in yourself every day. Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, 9th Dan. President of the World Mudo Academy

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