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The secret powers of Energy (Ki)

The Koreans call energy 'Ki', the Chinese 'Chi' or 'Qi'. It doesn't really matter how you spell it it's the importance of it that counts.

breathing and meditation exercise

In Western society I think it's fair to say we are not as attuned to energy as our Eastern neighbours. Martial arts opens your eyes to a whole new world of health, meridian lines, vital spots, energy control and breathing. Because energy is something you cannot see, a lot of people don't believe in it or it's powers. More fool them.

Every single being and object on the planet is made of energy. You yourself are a mass of energy. By using the energy all around us we can use it to make ourselves feel more energised or to make others feel more energised. From a martial art perspective we can put this energy into our techniques and make them focused and more powerful.

So how do we do this? By breathing control. Breathing into the abdomen and exercising every day enables us to practise moving energy around the body. The better the circulation of energy the healthier we are. Your spine plays a huge part is transporting energy, hence you need to practise body posture daily. A lovely straight back will play a huge part in keeping you healthy for longer.

amazing taekwondo kick

Another way to practise energy flow is in martial art terms to 'KIHAP'. This means shout on your technique. By doing this you are focusing your energy and your mind. Your energy is your SPIRIT. You need to build your spirit to make your mind strong and get you through dark times. Your spirit should never be broken, don't allow anyone to do this. In martial art your cultivation of your spirit is the most important transformation of all. Having a strong mind to go hand in hand with your strong body is where you will find contentment.

So the secret to having good energy is to KIHAP in your training, be positive, never give up both in the Dojang and in life. This is the key to a happy life.

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