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Empathy is key

The most valuable thing you can give someone in this lifetime is your TIME. Time is precious, more precious than money and jewels and material things. It is something you can never get back. Giving someone a small piece of your time and making time for people is important, as it's a way of showing people you care.

SImply asking someone how their day is going can make someone feel valued or asking after their health or their loved ones. It takes seconds and can leave a lasting impression on someone for the rest of their day.

A martial artist should always think of others, should always try and see the other side of the story through the other persons eyes. It makes you compassionate and a nice person. Remember to give everyone as much time as possible, nothing should be too much trouble. Slow down and enjoy other people. For many this passes them by and the World would be a better place if people thought of others and tried to help where possible.

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