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Why Poomsae in Taekwondo Are Vital

Poomsae (patterns) are a pre-arranged set of movements gradually becoming more complex the more you learn. There is normally ONE poomsae to learn per belt in preparation for your next promotional test. Each poomsae should be practiced by mentally picturing imaginary opponents attacking from all sides.

It is important to practice and improve all poomsae not just the one you are concentrating on for your next grade. Students should practice one poomsae after another with only the breathing junbi exercises in-between. Then the student will truly understand the first steps of poomsae.

Poomsae are truly a way of understanding and practicing every aspect of your martial art; basic technique, breathing control, balance, co-ordination and concentration. The mind and body can work together in striving for perfection of technique that can never be achieved. Taekwondo is meaningless without poomsae.

There are many different sets of poomsae depending on your style of Taekwondo, however, which poomsae you practice is really irrelevant because the essentials are the same; breathing correctly, perfecting your technique and concentration are included in all poomsae no matter what your style.

poomsae breathing

Pal Chung Do Poomsae

Pal Jung Do Poomsae are a set of eight Poomsae created by Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, 9th Dan, President of the World Taekwonmudo Academy (WTA). The aim of these poomsae, which are based on the principles of oriental philosophy and medicine, are to improve students breathing control, stepping skills and technical ability. Each poomsae incorporates a new breathing exercise, designed to strengthen the internal organs through abdominal breathing control exercises.

The series of eight Poomsae are intended to improve breathing control; therefore health, technique, stepping skills and balance.

Pal Jung Do works by using your abdominal breathing control to move your internal energy (ki) around your body to not only your inner organs but to the relevant weapons needed when practicing the martial arts. The unique breathing exercises strengthen the inner body while the physical poomsae concentrates on correct traditional Taekwondo technique.


All varieties of poomsae are basically just sets of movements which someone has made-up at some point in time. It’s what you get out of the Poomsae that makes the Poomsae and movements important. Pal Jung Do and Pal Mudo have been introduced to bring together and benefit both the physical and spiritual side of students training.

turning kick taekwondo


In oriental philosophy all parts of the body are linked like a chain. Hence, all bodily functions are represented on the hands and feet. By touching certain parts of your hands and using correct abdominal breathing, energy can be transferred to strengthen the relevant internal organs.

Instead of the traditional ready position at the start of a poomsae, Pal Jung Do uses a unique stepping-breathing exercise which gradually becomes more advanced depending on the level of poomsae. All eight of these exercises are designed to strengthen different internal organs and your mind.

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