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How martial arts helps you find your Inner Tiger.

First question. What is your inner tiger and why do you need to find it?

Your inner tiger is a martial arts term for your indomitable spirit. That inner strength that makes us pick ourselves up when we have no energy or think we can't do something. It's important that as martial artists we can tap into and access our tiger so if we ever need to use it to fight for our lives, we can.

How do you find your inner tiger?

Most people who start training in martial arts don't know where to look and this is natural, as many people may never have had to dig deep or really overcome something in their lives. As martial artists we are constantly training for the worst case scenario, that one time we may need to defend ourselves or our loved ones. If that day ever came and your inner tiger fled the scene you could be in real trouble.

How to start is by training regularly, by pushing yourself (this is your instructors job) physically, and most importantly mentally, to overcome energy draining times. Constant repetition and hard training builds confidence and that is what leads you to your tiger.

martial arts inner tiger

Tips when training to help you find your spirit:

  • Enter as many competitions as possible. Both these and gradings (going for next belt) are a great way to add that little extra pressure to see how you react. The more you do the better you can control your nerves and then overcome them.

  • KIHAP (shout) when training. This is a great way to build spirit both individually and as a class.

  • Constantly push your limits and never stay in your comfort zone for long.

  • Always imagine you are being attacked and need to defend yourself. It's very easy in the Dojang to feel safe. However while this is a great thing it can also mean you let your guard down and allow techniques to become sloppy. Take the middle ground and train safely while constantly imagining that attack taking place.

  • Watch and copy your instructor. I imagine that your Instructor has a lot of spirit, otherwise they wouldn't be a martial arts instructor!

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