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How Taekwondo massively helps your mental health.

Here at Chungdokwan TKD we are passionate about promoting mental as well as physical health. Let's talk about it.....

So you all practise Taekwondo, you kick and punch and get a sweat on, which keeps you physically healthy. However, there is another side which is equally important, your mental health. This, like your physical side needs to be nurtured and practised and looked after. Good mental health is your outlook on life. Being positive, getting involved, seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good. Life is about balance. The same way you practise your front kick you need to practise controlling your mind and your thoughts. Letting your mind control you is very dangerous. It almost certainly will lead to extra anxiety, worry, stress and depression. All these feelings are negative and the more infrequent they are, the better for our mental health.

So how does your martial art help?
  • The Dojang gives us a place where we can quietly work on ourselves and have that "me" time that everyone needs to be happy.

  • Working hard physically is a great way to release stress and anxiety.

  • Every lesson we practise breathing exercises. This focuses your mind and helps to control your thoughts.

  • Martial arts is a journey of self improvement. It makes you think about your actions and thoughts. The more aware you are of these things the more you can improve as a person.

  • It teaches students how to deal with anger issues and gives them an outlet for such feelings.

  • It gives students confidence and improves their self worth. This leads to more positive feelings.

  • It teaches us to relax, a crucial skill to learn in today's society.

ABOVE ARE THE ANSWERS TO WHY MARTIAL ARTS IS A LIFELONG STUDY AND NOT A CRASH COURSE. YOU ARE STUDYING YOURSELF. Everyday we change, we learn something new, we think differently, we try and be a better person. Martial arts is one of the few things that makes us question our thoughts and actions. The more we do this the more open minded we become and the more harmony we feel. If ever there was a good reason to start training, or continue training, it's to look after our mental and spiritual health. You should never be afraid to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust. Your Instructor is always here for you if you have problems to share or feel you need to talk to someone. TAEKWONDO = FAMILY

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